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Melissa Gojanovic

Your Australian Physio


"I am deeply passionate about my chosen profession, and grateful for the ability it confers me to assist people recover, heal and improve physically everyday.


I remember late one evening my mother returning from her visit to her local physiotherapist, who worked from her converted garage. The late appointment was pefect for my mother. She said her job was wonderful and suited a working mother. Over the next 30 years, I have studied and worked with passion and dedication towards that dream, which materializes in Physiotonic as my own physiotherapy practice from home.


That childhood dream was reinforced in my late teens. Following an unfortunate car accident at 18, my curiosity developed further. I was treated by a spinal therapist who deepened my interest for the profession. I too wanted to help people, like myself, get back to their prior lifestyles and learn to self manage their condition.


After studying hard at school to be accepted into the Melbourne University School of Physiotherapy, I completed my bachelor degree with honours in 1997. Following a few years of working experience in Australia, I embarked on a 2 year working visa to the United Kingdom. This experience of travelling and working gave birth to a new fascination with Europe and travels in general. 15 years later, with many personal and professional experiences under my belt, I find myself happily rooted into Swiss soil with my family here in Gingins.


I look forward to meeting and treating you at Physiotonic and most importantly sharing my passion for a better life with better movement".

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