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  • PHYSIOSWISS - Swiss Physiotherapy Association -
    Physioswiss is a professional association, linked to the Swiss healthcare system. It represents more than 7500 physiotherapists in Switzerland.

  • SPORTIFISIO - Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association -
    A nationally and internationally active society in all issues linked to sports-related injuries and problems.


  • Maitland Concept -
    Geoffrey Douglas Maitland (AUS) developed Maitland concept and founded the International Maitland Teacher's Association in Switzerland in 1992. He stressed the importance of assessing, testing and reporting in physiotherapy and manipulative therapy.

  • Mulligan concept -
    Brian Mulligan is a physiotherapist from New Zealand who in the 1970s and 1980s developed and refined manual therapy techniques based on mobilizations.


  • The Running physio - Tom Goom (@tomgoom) -
    A blog by runner and physio Tom Goom, with posts on all things related to running injuries and performance.


  • Les chaines physiologiques, chaines musculaires -
    Physiological muscle chains are anatomical circuits through which transition the organizing forces of the body.

  • An introduction to the concept of Trigger Points -
    By Jan De Laere, head of education at TMNO.

  • Chronic Pain
    Understanding of chronic pain mechanisms and ways through which it becomes chronic is essential for treating and empowering management and autonomy for patients.

  • Physio Edge -
    A brilliant podcast by David Pope (AUS) who interviews experts in major physiotherapy topics.

  • PhysiTrack/PhysiApp -
    A  dual online programme and platform (for patients
    and practitioners) which allows me to manage and
    prescribe exercises with explanatory videos to my patients, in order to continue building up on the rehabilitation/training work done during the physiotherapy sessions. I will be able to set up an individualized programme for you.

    Exercise video example for ilio-tibial band here.






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